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About Data Recovery Sweden

Data Recovery Sweden was launched in June 2000. It was originally called Venture Data Recovery and was based in England. The data recovery facility within Data Recovery Sweden consists of over 16 years 'cross-platform' data recovery knowledge and experience that is drawn upon to deliver the right tailor made data loss solutions.

Our data recovery engineers have low-level training on specific hard drive models and data structures, which enhances the process of assessing hardware failure in order to form an optimal recovery plan.

Our aim is to provide diagnostic assessments of lost data or otherwise, inaccessible user files and analyze logical data structure integrity. Engineers rebuild file system structures at sector and byte level before extracting the lost data.

We stand behind our commitment to data recovery with free diagnostic evaluations and exercise a "No Data, No Charge" policy. By using unique intelligent hard drive recovery hardware methods, we are able to offer our clients "Realistic Prices" for recovery of damaged hard disk media.

If we have your media at our labs by 9:00am, we can return your data fully restored by the end of the same business day.

Our Success Rate

Investment in our infrastructure & dedicated data recovery solutions allows you a great option for data retrieval.

Data recovery services supplied by our company cover all the hard drive makes and models with an array of service levels and we are confident will help you make the decision to chose us.

We are a data recovery company with a single goal - To recover client data professionally and economically.

Now in our 21st year of trading, Data Recovery Sweden has seen much technological advancement in data storage technology over the years. We have retrieved data where other companies have given up. Our philosophy is to recover data, whatever it takes. We go further to engineer new solutions and hope to exceed our customers' expectations every time.

We have an average success rate of 86.3% across all devices/media - (rolling average of previous 15 years). Of course, we don't fix all jobs all of the time - some cases simply cannot be recovered, especially if the disks are severely scratched, or have encrypted data that has been overwritten several times. However, we stand by our policy of Free Evaluations on all jobs, and we stay in business because we are able to recover the vast majority of the jobs we are sent.

Covering such devices as: PC, Mac, Laptop, Server, NAS, external hard drives, smart phones and flash memory we have it all. We strive to make our company the one you can trust with your data.

Our Process

Free Evaluation

Initial assessment takes place to analyze your storage media and determine its state. Next, a diagnosis and free evaluation will dictate how the recovery process shall continue.

Failure Assessment

A recovery plan is tailor made to address the specific failure of each disk. Based on these low-level disk diagnostics the drive is then submitted for recovery processing.

Recovery and Backup

Once the hardware failures have been corrected and fixes put in place, recovery work is then undertaken on the media. Our techniques and solutions are varied and result in the customer data being extracted from the original device and transferred to our servers.

File List and Client Verification

Here we inform the customer of what data can be recovered, (in the form of a file listing showing what has been recovered). We also provide a fixed quote for the work. Then we ask the customer to decide what backup device they would like us to copy the data on to.


We accept the following methods of payment: Bank Transfer, IBAN, PAYPAL, and Swish.

Recovered Files

The recovered files will be transferred to an external hard disk which is then posted directly to the customer. The data can also be uploaded directly to the customer - via FTP.

Our Services

We offer a full range of data recovery services, which include hardware and software solutions. We can perform data recovery from any make, model, brand or operating system, and remain Sweden's leader for recovering from all types of data loss. Let our experts help you get your data back.


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