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Forensic Consulting

Computer forensics is the investigation, recovery and analysis of deleted, hidden and current computer-based information. With the emphasis on examining suspect, illegal or maliciously damaged computer data files. It is also the process of examining and piecing back together the 'life-time' of questionable computer data and computer-related conduct and misuse.

Adhering to all legal guidelines we are able to retrieve and gather electronic evidence and perform electronic analyses of the data from many different perspectives. Dependant on the nature of the investigation, we produce a full report that may serve as an integral part in your overall investigative activities, especially if the case is part of an ongoing legal proceeding.

Data Recovery Sweden offers professional computer forensic consulting services; delivering to our customers' with what they require in order to assist their own investigations.

Data Recovery Sweden will instruct our partners to conduct low level analyses of your company's computers and digital data storage media and devices. Our partners have a high degree of competence in identifying and gathering electronic evidence from many digital data storage units. The scope of their data evidence gathering work is as follows:


Retrieval and analysis of evidential data from ANY digital data storage device and media: Hard Disk, CD, DVD, Floppy Disk, MO, Tape and ANY solid state storage media like Digital Cameras, PDAs or Mobile Phones.


The analysis and reporting of any questionable user files including emails and attachments. We are able to search the unused. 'slack', space of file data and even unallocated areas of the storage device in order to get all 'discreetly hidden' scraps of evidential data normally in 'inaccessible' areas of the media.


We search for specific files or content and even highlight bogus file types and list them. The reports we produce show the entire history of each and every file in question showing: the time and date created/deleted/modified or altered in any way and last accessed. Even the time and date it was overwritten.

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