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Flash Memory Recovery Service

USB sticks, (thumb drives), and flash memory, (SD Cards for example), are among the many small and portable devices that can store large quantities of files.

The USB flash drive stores all the data in its memory cells and keeps track of it all through a file system similar to a hard drive. When you connect it to your computer it uses the file system (FS) of the drive to read the data. However, sometimes you may find that your USB is showing an error when it is trying to connect to the system or the system fails to recognize it. This occurs when your USB flash drive becomes corrupted. A corrupt or unresponsive USB stick may lead you to severe data loss situations.

Common Errors include:

  • USB Device not recognized: One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows do not recognize it may appear.
  • USB drive not formatted - You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it.

Unlike a harddrive, they don’t have mechanical parts, meaning it has fewer things to go wrong than standard storage devices. However, they are still relatively fragile, and can get broken quite easily resulting in loss of data.

Flash Memory Failure Situations

There are two main ways your USB stick can get damaged: physical and logical.

Physical damage occurs when the USB connector is twisted or snapped off, like if it gets knocked by someone walking past the computer while it is plugged into your PC. It can also happen within the hardware, if the PCB gets broken in 2 or is cracked.

Logical damage occurs to the actual data area. It is noticeable when you start to see errors in your files or the files fail to open at all The programs and firmware that operate the memory stick have become corrupted and are not able to access the files in the same way. There may also be damage occurring across the memory cells themselves, (especially if the device is old or has been used very heavily).

The most common causes of data corruption are: sudden power loss, USB driver issues, NAND memory wear, operating system failure, program crashes during file transfer and incorrect removal of the device before the system has finished transferring data.

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