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Hard Drive Recovery Service

Has your Hard Drive failed? Don’t worry.

Recovering Data from Hard Drives: Storage devices can malfunction in many different ways, (sometimes a combination of factors will come together to cause a disk to fail). That is when you can rely on our resources, knowledge and equipment to get your files recovered quickly and on a budget. Call us today for advice and we can give you an approximate price, based on similar jobs we have done in the past. Over the years, we have seen almost everything, which means we have procedures in place to recover almost everything.

Types of Hard Drive Malfunction:

  • Spindle Failure
  • This is where the hard drive platters cannot spin and are locked due to smashed bearings. In most cases, this is the result of physical motor damage from excessive shock, for example if the drive gets knocked off a desk while in use.

  • Microcode Failure
  • Microcode that runs on a disk is like the drive’s own operating system, it tells the disk how to manage and perform every task required to read the correct data from the platter. It allows the disk to configure chunks of data that are then ready to be sent out of the disk, (in the right order) and up to the computer for processing. Also known as ‘firmware,’ this microcode is stored on the disk and can become corrupted during the life of the disk.

  • Electrical and PCB Failure
  • Where the control PCB and internal electronics components are damaged. This is usually the result of a power supply being connected the wrong way, or when the customer swaps the PCB from an incompatible donor disk. In most cases the drive will not operate correctly.

  • Software Fails
  • Other problems leading to data loss are when the hardware and disks are working fine, but data becomes inaccessible in some other way. Cases like these are usually the result of: a reformat of the disk by mistake, a reinstall of the OS, file deletion, partition table damage, partial file corruption or failure of an encrypted partition to mount.

  • Read / Write Head Failure
  • Similar to a record player; a hard disk has several arms that sweep across the disk to pick up data, at the end of each arm there is a read (and write) head which pulls the data from the platter surface. As the data is so tightly packed on to modern drives, the wires contained on these heads are the smallest (and most fragile), component in the entire disk. They are extremely sensitive to damage and replacing this assembly is one of the most common tasks that we perform.

Supported Brands

We are able to support a variety of Hard Disks, to include SATA, SSD, SAS, External, SCSI and IDE from all of the major manufacturers including Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Samsung, IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu, LaCie, Intenso and others.


Our 3-Step Process


Preparing your media for shipping

Carefully pack your disk, (in an anti-static bag), and place it in a strong box with 3 or 4 cm of bubble-wrap or shipping foam. (It is important that the disk does not move around in the box during shipping).

Disks and all other digital storage media are designed to be shipped, so these devices are strong and there is no problem sending a damaged disk through the post as long as it is packed correctly.

Please download our Repair Form, and be sure to fill in your contact information and place that in the box with your damaged disk/s.

Ship everything to us. Our pre-printed address label is on our Repair Form for you to stick on the box. (If you send the disk using the regular mail service here in Sweden, (, then we advise you to obtain a tracking reference number, which you can email to us so we know it is on its way. You can of course use a Courier like DHL or UPS.


Confirmation of Receipt and work flow

When we receive your storage media we will call or email to confirm we have received the item. At that point work will begin on your disk.

During the evaluation process, you will get regular updates on how things are going, (we usually can even tell you what was wrong with the disk and the reason it failed).

Once data has been recovered and tested, a complete ‘File Listing’ showing all the data that has been recovered is emailed to you. You must then check the list to make sure all the critical files you need are listed.


Returning Your Recovered Data

When you are satisfied with the list, (and nothing important is missing), we then email you an offer for the recovery of the data to a new storage device of your choice.

If you are happy with the offer and payment is made, we then transfer the recovered files to the new storage device and ship everything back to you. We will email you the tracking number for the shipment and the estimated date of delivery.

When you receive the new disk from us, all you need to do is connect it to your computer and all the data will look the same as it did before.

We retain a copy of your data for 3 months in case of any problems, and if you need the data re-copied within that time we will do that for you free of charge – Just pay the shipping and cost for a new disk.

If after 3 months and we have not heard from you, we assume you have already made a backup of your data, and do not require us to keep your data any longer . At this point, our copy of your data is securely erased and shredded, which cannot be recovered.

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