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Referral Scheme

Would you like to become a Data Recovery Sweden referee? If so, there are some opportunities available. Call our Sales Team for more information.

Data Recovery Reseller

We offer to do recoveries for your organisation directly, so we bill you at our normal rate for doing the recovery and then you are free to independently bill your customer. This way you can offer data recovery as an additional service under your own name to your own customers, even though you do not actually do the recoveries yourself.

If you choose to use the Reseller option, then you must deal with your customer yourself. You then send their disk to us, and we perform the recovery for your company. You essentially become our customer. When we have completed the recovery, we email you a file list report showing what was recovered from the disk. You must then deal directly with the customer yourself, by being their point of contact and forwarding the file listing report to them, so they can check that nothing important is missing. You must also answer their questions and give job updates during the recovery process. You deal with them every step of the way, and the customer does not even need to know that it is not your company actually performing the recoveries. We then email you our offer, at which point you can negotiate your own price with your customer – if your customer is happy with your price and wants to proceed, we then back up their data to a new disk and ship everything back to you.

This is beneficial to you in 3 ways:

  • You can advertise data recovery as your own service, that you can add to your existing suite of IT services.
  • You will still qualify for the 20% discount on all jobs, just like any of our other partners.
  • You are then able to charge your customer your own fee for the recovery work.
  • Data Recovery Referral

    Business Opportunity Proposal for your business to generate an alternative cash stream by becoming a Data Recovery Reseller and benefit from Referral options. When you refer a client to us, we give you back a fee of 20% of the final recovery fee. For example, a typical data recovery job which we perform on any Microsoft platform will cost around 2350 SEK, which would equate to a 470 SEK referral fee payable to you on completion of the clients' job.

    When you Refer a customer to us directly, we will deal with them ourselves and guide them through the complete process. You do not need to do anything more. We will interact fully with the customer during the recovery process, giving them regular updates and being able to answer all questions. It also means that if there are any problems after the job has been completed, we will also deal with any of those issues; for example, re-copying data, troubleshooting any files that are damaged, finding specific data or advising on future backup storage strategies to prevent future data loss situations. Once the customer is fully satisfied that they have their data back and payment secured, we will then send you a copy of what we invoiced that customer. You can then bill us 20% of that recovery fee. This is your 20% Referral Fee, for forwarding the client to us.

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